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Looking for acid washing services based in the Gold Coast? Look no further than CleansePros’ Acid Washing services.

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Expert Cleaners

You can rely on our experienced cleaners to provide the utmost quality service, ensuring that your surface is cleaned by only vetted and trained experts

100% Satisfaction

We are proud to offer exceptional acid washing services every time. Our Gold Coast cleaners are committed to delivering outstanding results when it comes to acid washing your new or old surface.

100% Fully Insured

Our cleaners are covered by Public Liability. CleansePro has a $20 million dollar public liability insurance policy. So if anything is damaged or broken, rest assured we are covered.

Transparent and affordable Pricing

We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. We offer upfront pricing with no hidden costs or surprises.

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Biodegradable Solutions

Our expert team of acid wash cleaners in Gold Coast use a range of high quality acid washes that are biodegradable. Our extensive knowledge and environmentally friendly practices ensure your surfaces and the planet are left clean, safe and undamaged.

Acid Washing Multiple Surfaces

Experinced in acid washing all types of surfaces including brick, tiles, and cement ridding all surfaces of paint, cement residue, and builder stains.

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The ultimate solution for surface rejuvenation

Acid washing Gold Coast - Only the best

CleansePro is the best in the business when it comes to Acid Washing in Gold Coast specialising in commercial, residential, and construction cleaning.

Acid washing is a technique that goes beyond simple cleaning, stripping away unwanted residue and leaving your surfaces in pristine condition. Whether it’s to refresh your driveway, tiled areas, or other concrete surfaces, our acid washing services are designed to tackle even the most challenging jobs with ease and efficiency.

Builders Clean Gold Coast

With vast experience in the industry, cleaning for some of the most reputable names in the building industry, this locally owned cleaning service has an expert eye for detail and safety. CleansePro is equipped with professional cleaning services for builders. Specialising in builder cleans we can’t wait to work on your next project!

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Side by side image of a before and after construction clean on the gold coast where the before side has construction debris on the tiles and the and after photo is clean from a builders clean

The Gold Coast Standard in acid washing

Why Choose CleansePro when it comes to Acid Washing Solutions

Side by side image of a before and after construction clean on the gold coast where the before side has construction debris on the tiles and the and after photo is clean from a builders clean

Why trust us for acid washing? Our team of experienced professionals is second to none, equipped with the knowledge and tools to deliver the best results. We customise our strategies to suit your specific surface needs, guaranteeing satisfaction with every job completed.

  • Experienced technicians: Trust in our team’s extensive knowledge and skills.
  • High-end products: Using only the highest of quality acid washes available
  • Tailored cleaning solutions: We adapt our approach to meet your specific needs.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: Your happiness with the end result is our top priority.

Our expertise in acid washing across the Gold Coast is unmatched. With a team of experienced technicians and a commitment to tailored solutions, we guarantee satisfaction on every project, big or small.

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Understanding acid washing

What is acid washing

Worker using broom for cleaning dirt during a construction clean of the house.

Acid washing is not your everyday cleaning task; it’s a powerful method employed to deeply cleanse surfaces by using acid solutions to break down stains, dirt, and residue that regular washing can’t handle. Perfect for concrete, brick, stone, tiles, and other robust materials, acid washing strips back the layers of grime, and cement residue leaving a clean and naturally clean finish.

  • A deep-cleaning process for various surfaces
  • Utilises acid solutions to remove stains, paint, grout, and cement residue buildup
  • Restores surfaces to their original state

Acid washing can be an extremely delicate and dangerous practice so make sure you consult with a professional first.

A brick fire place being acid washed by CleansePro with a blue scissor lift in front of the fireplace

Expert Acid Washing on the Gold Coast: Discover Our Wide Array of Professional Services Across Industries

What industries does cleansePro cover

CleansePro covers all industries on the Gold Coast

We recognise the diversity of demands across the Gold Coast, from the cozy hinterland homes to the towering beachfront commercial spaces, and even the bustling construction sites. Our customised acid-washing services are thoughtfully crafted to address the specific needs of each client, home, and construction site ensuring excellence and satisfaction in every project we undertake.


  • Driveways: Removing tire marks and oil stains to restore curb appeal.
  • Pool Areas: Ensuring safe, slip-free surfaces with a thorough clean.
  • Patios: Reviving entertainment spaces for that immaculate look. 
  • Bathrooms: Scrubbed clean of builders’ residue for the ultimate shine.

We approach each residential project with a personalised touch, understanding that your home deserves a careful and bespoke clean.

a large building with writing, blue and white colors with a driveway being acid washed professionally
a photo of a bathroom with tiled wall, two vanity mirrors, a sink and tiled floors all clean after a builders clean


Our acid washing prowess extends to commercial properties, where we bring our A-game to:

  • Retail Spaces: Inviting customers with spotlessly clean walkways, and bathrooms.
  • Office Buildings: Maintaining a professional exterior facade.
  • Industrial Sites: Tackling tough stains in high-usage areas with robust cleaning solutions. We handle large-scale commercial projects with the same level of detail and finesse that we bring to our residential services.


In the world of construction, acid washing is a critical final step. We offer:

  • Post-Construction Clean-ups: Removing construction and cement residue to unveil the true finish of your project.
  • Pre-Paint Prep: Creating the ideal surface for paint, silicon or treatments to adhere to.
  • Concrete Refinement: Smoothing out the aftermath of construction with a detailed acid wash. Integrating construction cleaning into our service offering allows us to provide a comprehensive clean that supports the transition from construction site to finished masterpiece.

CleansePros' step by step solution to perfect acid washing

When undertaking acid washing on the Gold Coast, we follow a meticulous process to ensure perfection. Initially, our professionals prepare the surface and gear up with the necessary safety equipment. Following this, the acid solution is applied with precision. Post-application, we neutralise and rinse the area thoroughly, leaving nothing but a spotless surface.

– Our Step by Step Process –

For a more in-depth guide on Acid Washing, check out our post on how to acid wash

A warehouse floor with a mp and bucket all cleaned after a builders clean and acid washed

Focused on Your Needs

Our commitment to safety and satisfaction

Gold Coast Building Site Cleaners

Selecting the right acid-washing service on the Gold Coast is crucial. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive consultation process, safety methods, a transparent approach, and exceptional follow-up care.

  • Residential excellence: From driveways to pool areas, we cater to all your home acid washing needs.
  • Commercial mastery: Large-scale projects are handled with the same attention to detail and professionalism.
  • Comprehensive consultation: We listen to your needs and expectations to deliver the best service.
  • Transparent process: We keep you informed every step of the way, from start to finish.
  • Follow-up care: Our service doesn’t end when the job is done; we offer advice on maintaining your pristine surfaces.


Our acid-washing services on the Gold Coast are designed to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

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Booking with CleansePro is a breeze. We've streamlined our booking process to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible for you. Whether online or over the phone, you can schedule our top-notch cleaning services in just a few simple steps. Experience the convenience of easy booking with us and enjoy a cleaner space with minimal effort.

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CleansePro prides itself on providing prompt and efficient cleaning services. We understand the importance of your time, which is why our team is dedicated to arriving and completing tasks on schedule. With our swift response and quick turnaround, you can trust us to deliver without any delay, ensuring your space is immaculate right when you need it.

Customer Support

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated team ensures every detail is attended to with the utmost care, guaranteeing a spotless result every time. Your happiness with our services isn't just our goal—it's our promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acid washing is safe for many robust surfaces like concrete, tiles and some stone. However, it’s not suitable for more delicate materials such as chrome and paint. It’s best to consult with the manufacturer or one of our professionals to determine if acid washing is right for your surface.

The duration of the acid washing process varies depending on the size and condition of the area being treated. Typically, an area of 9sq metres can be completed within a couple of hours. We strive to work efficiently while ensuring the highest quality of service.


We are committed to the environment and use eco-friendly practices in our acid washing services. The acids we use are chosen for their effectiveness, biodegradability, while being as environmentally responsible as possible. We also add an acid neutraliser to the discarded acid essentially neutralising it. Additionally, we ensure that waste is disposed of correctly to minimise environmental impact.


You don’t necessarily need to leave your property, but we recommend staying away from the treated area during the process. Our team takes safety measures to contain the work area and minimize any fumes or discomfort. However, for indoor projects or in cases of respiratory concerns, vacating may be advisable.

You bet! At CleansePro, we’ve got it all covered for construction cleaning. We only use the best equipment and trusted products, ensuring the best results every time.

Worried about the environment? No problem! We’ve got eco-friendly options for our eco-conscious clients. And that’s not all! Need cleaning supplies for your site? We’ve got you covered with hand washes, toilet paper, hand towels, mops, buckets, and more. Just leave it to us, and we’ll take care of your cleaning needs with a smile!

The frequency of acid washing depends on several factors, including the type of surface, its usage, and exposure to elements. Typically, outdoor areas like driveways, pool surrounds, warehouse floors might need acid washing every one to two years, but we can provide a more personalised recommendation based on your specific circumstances. Regular maintenance ensures your surfaces remain in top condition and can prevent the need for more frequent intensive cleaning.

Acid washing can be undertaken as a DIY project, but it comes with significant risks that should be carefully considered. Safety is the primary concern when handling acid solutions. These substances can be harmful if not used correctly, potentially causing skin burns, respiratory issues, and damage to the surfaces being cleaned if the wrong concentration or type of acid is used. Always consult with the manufacturer or a professional when undertaking DIY acid washing.