How to Prepare Your House before hire a Professional Cleaning company

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Getting a professional house cleaning service is awesome, especially if you’re always busy with work or family stuff. Imagine having expert cleaners swing by regularly to keep your home neat and fresh. But, before you kick back and let them work their magic, there are a few things you can do to really get your money’s worth.

Saving some cash on cleaning starts with a bit of prep work. Do a quick tidy-up around the house. You’re not doing the heavy cleaning – that’s what the pros are for. But picking up those random items lying around means the cleaners can dive straight into the big cleaning tasks.
Let me give you a few tips on what to do before the cleaners arrive, so you can get the best clean for your home:

Clear Clutter

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t left clothes on the floor or skipped making the bed because we’re rushing out the door for work or to drop the kids off? And then, all of a sudden, your house starts to look like a bit of a mess with old newspapers and mail everywhere.
Sure, your cleaning crew can help tidy up a bit before they really get into the cleaning part. But it’s a good idea to give the place a quick once-over before they come. This way, they can focus more on cleaning stuff like wiping down surfaces and getting those stains out of the carpet, instead of just moving your things around.
And you don’t have to go into overdrive cleaning the night before they come, either. Just start clearing off your counters and picking up stuff that’s in the way a few days ahead. That way, when the cleaners come in, they can really focus on the cleaning part and get more done in the time they have.

Be Helpful

Professional cleaners work with all sorts of clients, from big houses to cozy apartments. So, it might take them a couple of visits to really get the hang of your place and figure out the best way to clean it efficiently. If you’re around to give them a heads-up on which areas need more attention, that can really help them do their job better. A little guidance from you can make a big difference in the service they provide.
You don’t have to watch over the cleaners and tell them every little thing to do. Just let them know what kind of cleaning you want and what’s most important to you. A good tip is to ask them to do the big jobs first or the ones you really don’t like doing. This could be things like cleaning your mattress, scrubbing the bathroom, dusting the lights, or unclogging the sink.
Along with the big cleaning tasks, you can also tell the cleaners about any extra spots they can clean if they have time, and areas you don’t want them to touch. By sharing your top priorities, you help the cleaners know what to focus on, including the tough jobs you don’t want to do yourself.

Be Friendly

Many people don’t think about how important it is to have a good relationship with their cleaners. Just like in any service job, there are stories about customers being mean or unfair to people like waiters or cleaners. That’s why it’s a good idea to be nice to your cleaners. If they enjoy working with you, they’re more likely to do a great job and maybe even do a little extra.

Secure any important items

Don’t expect your cleaners to know where everything in your house should go if you don’t show them the first time they come. Cleaning someone else’s house can be tricky, and they might accidentally throw away something important, like insurance papers, or wash towels that aren’t really dirty, if you leave stuff out. To keep your important things like bank statements safe, it’s a good idea to put them away before the cleaners get there.

Manage your expectations

Some things aren’t usually part of a cleaner’s job, like babysitting, sorting recycling, cleaning outside windows, or moving furniture. If you want deep cleaning, like really thorough cleaning, that might cost extra because it’s not part of the usual cleaning. If you need help with these extra tasks, you can ask the professional cleaning company or your cleaners if they can do it for more money, or if they know someone else who can help.

Provide feedback

After the first time the cleaners come, it’s a good idea to send an email with your thoughts about their work. Did you see something they could do better? Or maybe you really liked how they cleaned? Talk to someone at the cleaning company and tell them what you think. If you don’t, the cleaners might not know exactly how you want things cleaned next time.


Getting your house ready a little bit before the cleaners come can really change how well they clean it. If you tidy up some and tell the cleaners exactly what you want, it helps them know what they should clean and what you’d rather do yourself.

At CleansePro, we really listen to what you need and keep talking to you about your cleaning. We do this to make sure you’re really happy with the cleaning service you’re paying for.