7 Steps to Choosing the Right Office Cleaning Services Company in Gold Coast

Office Cleaning Services

Ever hired an office cleaning company and it just didn’t pan out? Maybe the cleaning crew was a bit slack, not very reliable, or they just didn’t clean that well. It’s frustrating, right? You wouldn’t accept half-done work from your team, so why settle for less-than-stellar cleaning?

So, after ditching that cleaning service, did you end up splitting the cleaning tasks among your employees (and maybe even took on some yourself)? Even with a solid in-house cleaning plan, you might find yourself wondering about a few things:

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Your DIY office cleaning is pretty decent, but let's think about it:

  • Do you reckon all this extra cleaning stuff is wearing your team out?
  • Is everyone just swapping germs around, and then catching colds left and right?
  • Ever find it hard to focus on your work because that trash bin is always staring back at you, full to the brim?

Besides impressing clients, having a squeaky clean office also does wonders for your team’s happiness. Let’s face it – who wouldn’t be happier and more pumped to work in a tidy space? Less clutter and grime mean less stress, better health, and fewer sick days for everyone. That’s a win-win for smooth business operations.

And here’s some great news: there are awesome cleaning companies out there.  Find the right one, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic deal. They’ll zip through your office, cleaning up without you even noticing, and in return, you get to support their business. 

tips for selecting your ideal Office Cleaning Services Gold Coast partner.

Ask for Recommendations

Looking for a professional cleaning company? Why not reach out for some recommendations? Throw up a post on your social media asking friends and followers for their go-to cleaning services. Maybe have a chat with another business owner in your building, or even ask your employees.

You never know, a friend in town might have the perfect cleaning crew and would be more than happy to share their contact. It’s all about using your network and the people you know.

Search for Local Cleaning Companies and Review

Just go online and search for ‘cleaning companies near you’. You’ll see lots of choices. Take your time to look at their websites. Check if they look good, if the information seems right, and see what services they have.

  • Who have they cleaned for before, like any big names or companies? 
  • Do they show ‘before and after’ cleaning photos? 
  • Can you find any reviews or comments from people they’ve worked for before and now? 
  • Will they give you a free price estimate? And what kinds of places do they usually clean?

You can get a pretty good sense if the company’s the right fit for you and if they’re really as good as they claim. Take a look at how long they’ve been around and if they’ve got experience cleaning places like yours. It’s like doing a little detective work to make sure you’re picking the best team for the job.

Read Reviews and Check References

Time to play detective and dig up some reviews and references. Sometimes, you’ll find these right on the company’s website. Other times, you might have to do a bit of online sleuthing. Have a read through what people are saying about the company – it’s like getting the inside scoop before you decide.

  • Do they promise anything specific about their service? 
  • Are they punctual? How’s their professionalism? 
  • Do they clean everything really well?

 Still not sure about the company after checking out the reviews? No worries, just tap into your network again. Ask around among your friends or colleagues – has anyone used this company, or do they know someone who has? Find out what their experience was like. It’s like getting the lowdown from people you trust.

Get a Quote

Once you’ve got your list of possible cleaning companies, go ahead and contact them for a quote. And hey, be ready with a bunch of questions when you call – it’s like being prepared for a mini-interview to make sure they’re the right choice.

  • Are they licensed? Do they have liability insurance?
    It’s super important that any cleaning company you’re thinking about hiring has these. If they don’t, it’s a red flag – just move on to the next one on your list. Sometimes, you can find info about their insurance on their website. If it’s not there, make sure to ask. You don’t want to risk hiring someone without a license or insurance – that could be trouble for your business.

  • Ask About Flexibility
    You need a cleaning company that can match your schedule, right? Think about it: do you need them to come at the same time every week, or does your schedule change a lot? Maybe your hours could switch up now and then? When you chat with them, ask about all these ‘what if’ scenarios. You’ll want to know how they handle changes in the schedule – it’s all about making sure they can groove with your rhythm.

  • Ask About Service Options
    Consider everything you wish the office cleaning company to do. Be sure that they can perform all needed tasks. Do you just need light services, such as emptying garbage and vacuuming? Or do you require more through services, such as restroom cleaning, floor buffing, and cleaning reception areas?

  • Ask About Timeline
    Time to think about everything you want from your office cleaning crew. Make sure they can handle all the tasks you need. Are you looking for just the basics, like emptying bins and vacuuming? Or do you need the full deal, like sparkling restrooms, shiny floors, and a welcoming reception area? Lay it all out so you know they’ve got you covered for whatever you need.


  • Ask About Their Office Staff
    Do they have a main office, and when’s it open? Who’s the go-to person for scheduling your cleanings? And say something’s up, or you need to switch things around – who do you call? It’s really important to have a team that’s easy to reach and chats with you regularly. You want someone on the other end who’s quick to respond and keeps you in the loop.

  • Ask About a Trial Period

    Ask if they offer a trial period before you lock into a longer contract. It’s like test-driving a car – you get to see if they’re the right fit before you commit. During the trial, keep an eye on the important stuff. Are they punctual? Do they do a thorough job? And how’s their communication game? It’s your chance to see if they tick all your boxes.

Shortlist companies, arrange facility walkthroughs for the right choice.

After you’ve collected some info from a few cleaning companies, pick your top two or three. Then, ask them for a commercial cleaning proposal. But here’s the key: make sure they do a janitorial walkthrough of your space first. It’s a great chance to meet someone from the company face-to-face and really explain what you need. Bonus points if they bring along a checklist for the walkthrough. It shows they’re thorough and will gather all the info they need to whip up a solid proposal for you.

  • Labor Requirements and Costs

Commercial cleaning proposal, labor costs are a big deal. The company will check out things like the size of your place, how often it needs cleaning, and how far it is from their base to figure out these costs. By taking a good look around your facility, they can really get a clear idea of what the job will involve.

  • Tools and Supplies Needed for the Job

It’s crucial to discuss tools and supplies. What stuff are you going to provide, and what do you expect the cleaning crew to bring along? Like, are you going to supply the paper towels and cleaning sprays, or should they handle all that? And are you into eco-friendly products and recycled paper goods? Oh, and don’t forget about things like gloves and safety gear.

  • All these details 

what you want and what you agree on with the cleaning company – they’re going to affect the final price. So, you want to make sure everything’s super clear from the get-go. No one likes surprise costs, right? If the company isn’t really paying attention to these details, it might be a sign to look for someone else who will.

  • Cleaning Preferences

When you’re showing the cleaning company around, make sure to point out everything you want them to clean – yes, even those elevator buttons. It’s always a good thing if the person you’re walking with has a checklist. They might even have some great cleaning ideas you hadn’t thought of. Combining what you want with their expert suggestions should help you come up with a perfect cleaning plan that ticks all your boxes.

  • Discuss Safety Concerns

Got any tricky spots or hazards in your building? Make sure to highlight them during the walkthrough. Also, if your place is pretty big and needs some heavy-duty cleaning gear, let’s talk about that too. What kind of safety steps do they take when using big machines? It’s all about making sure everything’s safe and sound.

  • Discuss Security and Protocols Specific to Your Office

Usually, cleaners come in after everyone’s left for the day, right? So, how does the cleaning company make sure all your stuff, like files and gadgets, stay safe? Trust is super important here, especially if you’ve got sensitive info around. Like, imagine a medical office with patient records – the cleaners need to know all about HIPAA laws. And don’t forget about Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. It’s a good idea to ask how clued up they are on these things.

  • Discuss Quality

Have a chat with the rep about their training stuff. How do they get their team ready to handle all the cleaning tasks you need? And if you’ve got any hazardous materials or big machines in your building, make sure to ask how they train their crew to deal with those. It’s all about making sure they know what they’re doing with the tricky stuff in your space.

Compare Costs, Flexibility, And Service Options

After the walkthrough, the cleaning company should send you a detailed proposal. It’ll cover everything about your building and the cleaning services you’ve agreed on.

Once you’ve got proposals from a few different companies, it’s time to compare them. Think back on each company. Who was punctual, had clear communication, and was good at getting back to you?

Now, dive into those proposals. Look at what services they offer and how much they charge. Also, remember everything you found out about their schedule flexibility, quality of work, safety measures, and how they train their staff. With all this info, you should be able to spot the best choice. Then, you’re ready to sign a contract and get started with your new cleaning service.

Sign a Contract

Definitely make sure to sign a contract when you’re setting up office cleaning services. Without one, you might get stuck paying for cleaning that’s not up to scratch, and nobody wants that.

Give that contract a good read before you put your signature on it. Does it match up with everything you talked about? If something doesn’t feel right, get it changed before you sign. Remember, once you sign that contract, it’s like setting everything in stone.

  • Frequency – A crucial element of the contract, this details how often the cleaning service will visit your building or office to clean.
  • Time/Days – Ensure the contract reflects the specific times and days you want cleaning to occur in your facility.
  • Outline of Specific Duties – The contract needs to clearly list out the cleaning tasks, including their frequency. Some duties may need daily attention, while others might be weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
  • Cleaning Products – The contract should clarify whether you or the cleaning company will supply the cleaning products. It should also specify if certain types of products are required, like eco-friendly or unscented options, if that’s your preference.
  • Paper Products – Similar to cleaning products, the contract should state who will provide paper products like paper towels and toilet paper used in your workplace.
  • Performance Expectations – Including performance standards in the contract ensures the service provider is aware of what is expected, and it allows you to request corrections for work that doesn’t meet these standards.
  • Remedy for Disagreement – The contract should have a clear plan for resolving disagreements, including the consequences for not meeting the contract terms from either side.

Make A Great Impression With A Clean Office

A neat and tidy office isn’t just nice to look at, it’s like your business’s welcome mat. It shows you’re all about professionalism and helps build trust with your clients – that’s a big deal for growing your business.

Your team, too, they’re going to love working in a clean place. A spotless office means fewer germs hanging around, so everyone stays healthier and feels more comfortable at work.

Hiring a pro cleaning company? That’s a smart move. They’ve got the skills, the tools, and the know-how to keep your office looking awesome. It takes the pressure off your team, wows your clients, and keeps everyone healthy.

Feeling like your office could use a bit of a sparkle? Hand over the dirty work to the cleaning pros and watch your space transform almost overnight.