Top 5 Vacuums for Construction Cleaning: Unveiling the Best 2023

Top Vacuums for Construction Cleaning: Your Ultimate Guide

Imagine the scene: You’ve been asked to complete a hefty construction project, there is sweat dripping from your brow. As you stand back, you realise there’s a massive challenge ahead. Dust, debris, and unexpected wet spills stare back at you, mocking your newfound sense of excitement towrds your newest project. But fear not, because we at CleansePro professional cleaning solutions are here to help. Let me introduce you to the elite range of top construction vacuum cleaners that will not just clean but make your time a lot easier and more valuable.


This is one area where a cleaner is only as good as their tools.  

A professional cleaner using a vacuum inside of a building cleaning up after a construction clean

The Big Players in the Cleaning Game

1. Numatic Henry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner - Blue

Why it should be your top pick:

What’s blue, charming and can clean up any mess, wet or dry? Meet Charles, the unsung hero from Numatic. With a powerhouse 1200-watt motor, this vacuum is designed for the ultimate clean-up. Offering an impressive 9L capacity, you won’t be running back and forth emptying it. The Henry’s famous efficiency, professional design, and TriTex filtration ensure you’re getting more than just a pretty face. Charles is set to become your favourite cleaning buddy!

  • Long-lasting performance due to the efficient Numatic motor
  • 10-meter cord featuring a convenient rewind storage mechanism
  • Simple-to-replace HepaFlo dust bags crafted from efficient materials
  • Enhanced TriTex filtration for better cleaning and increased storage
  • Comprehensive accessory package, including a stainless steel tube set, ensuring a tool for each task.


Hot tip: Those HepaFlo dust bags? Genius! High efficiency and super easy to change.
Find it for sale at Godfreys

A product shot of a Henry vacuum cleaner. A small, blue and black vacuum cleaner with a s smiley face on the front of it

2. Pullman 15L Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

What sets it apart:

Touted as a versatile beast, the Pullman 15L offers a balance of agility and raw power. Pullman vacuums have made waves over the years with their amazing pullman backpack vacuums, now they are shaking the boat with their heavy duty, wet and dry commercial range. With a cleaning radius that’s the envy of many (10m to be exact), this vacuum has got what it takes to tackle vast areas. And, with dual castor wheels, directional control is a breeze. Did we mention its impressive 1000W bypass motor? Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to seamless cleaning!

  • Cleans up both wet and dry spills
  • Can be used as a bagged or bagless vacuum
  • 1000W bypass motor for uninterrupted airflow
  • 10m cleaning reach for vacuuming large areas
  • Dual castor wheels at the front for easy directional control
  • Good for carpet, hard wood floors and tiles.

Fun fact: It can switch between bagged and bagless modes. Talk about being adaptable!
Want to test drive this amazing vacuum, the professionals at Godfrey’s will certainly help you out. The Pullman 15L Wet and Dry is for sale at Godfrey’s

3. Ryobi 20L Stainless Steel Wet Dry Workshop Vacuum

Features that’ll blow your mind:

Think robust and reliable, and Ryobi pops up. The tradies also love this one so you know it’s good. With a 20L stainless steel canister, this vacuum isn’t just about looks; it’s built for durability. Its blower function, wet & dry modes, and easy transportation make it a top contender. And if you’re wondering about storage – it’s got an on-board accessory storage that’s pretty nifty!

  • Durable 20L stainless steel container
  • Capable of both wet and dry vacuuming
  • Oversized wheels for effortless movement
  • Integrated storage for accessories
  • Conveniently designed drainage plug.

Did you know? Its hose length is a whopping 1.8m, which is super convenient for those hard-to-reach spots.

Find this Ryobi wet and dry vac available at Bunnings, and get yourself a snag while you are at it. 

A photo of a Ryobi Vacuum, chome and green colours, being used by a person in the background

4. Karcher Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner WD6PS

The standout features:

When you hear Karcher, you know you’re in for a treat. The WD6PS, with its whopping 30-litre stainless steel container, takes cleaning to the next level. It boasts a power consumption of just 1300 watts and comes with a convenient drain screw for easy emptying of liquids. A unique feature? The integrated socket with an automatic on/off switch for power tools. Plus, its adjustable suction power is a dream for the perfectionist in you.

  • Designed and engineered in Germany
  • 30L stainless steel tank capacity
  • Drain screw for convenient disposal of liquids
  • Power tool take off
  • Practical blower function
  • 2000 watts suction power


Little joys: The blower function makes cleaning intricate objects a walk in the park.
Find it at Bunnings (grab a plant while you are there): Karcher Wet and Dry Vacuum WD6PS

Product photo of a Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner used for construction cleaning

5. Ozito 1250W 12L Stainless Wet And Dry Vacuum

Reasons to adore it:

Compact but fierce – that’s the Ozito Wet and Dry Vac for you! If you are looking to enter the market but do not have the budget, only testing the waters of professional construction cleaning, this is the perfect wet and dry vac perfect for those just starting out. It is perfect for quick clean-ups post-DIY projects or those pesky spills, its 12-litre stainless steel tank ensures durability and style. The vacuum also boasts a space-saving accessory mount and a versatile blower function, proving that good things truly do come in small packages. 

  • Automatic blower function
  • 12 litre stainless steel tank
  • Suitable for both wet and dry vacuuming
  • 1.5 metre hose
  • Space saving accessory mount
  • Total weight 2.7Kg


Handy hint: Its floor tool attachment works wonders on both tiles and hardwood floors.
You can find this Ozito 1250 gem at Bunnings for under $50

Product photography shot of an Ozito Vacuum cleaner standing up right, chrome and black finishes

The Crowned Jewel: Karcher Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner WD6PS!

Product photo of the Karcher WD6PS wet and dry vacuum with accessories around it with the colours silver and yellow

After an intense face-off, it’s the Karcher WD6PS that takes the crown. With its ideal mix of power, aesthetics, and features, it’s no surprise it reigns supreme. It perfectly encapsulates what one looks for in top construction vacuum cleaners: efficiency, versatility, and durability. It’s the vacuuming royalty we’ve all been waiting for! At CleansePro, the professional builder cleaners, we personally have tried and tested all the above and the Karcher range still comes out on top when it comes to best vacuum cleaners for construction cleaning.

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